Aspire Place® is a coaching and motivational resource for you, whether you are seeking personal life adjustment coaching for yourself, a family member or close friend, or if you are in need of professional motivation and consultation for your business, school or organization.

Aspire Place® offers one-on-one consultation, Group Facilitation, training and education programs and conference keynote speaker services. We provide our services to schools, allied health care agencies, businesses and organizations.

Aspire Place® offers one-on-one consultation, as well as leadership facilitation for on-site workshops and service training programs for small and large groups.

I think your Couples Session was the best session ever. I understand and have learned new things because of Chris and Amy. Thank you. 

-Anonymous, AZ
Family Member

I wanted to thank you for being who you are…awesome people true to your heart.  The both of you have changed my life forever.

-Margaret Barr

Chris and Amy share an amazing story of love, commitment and determination. Rehabilitation takes not just a team of professionals to be successful but the support, advocacy, positivity and creativity of the family behind each patient. Chris and Amy provide a road map to successful recovery after brain injury and finding happiness and joy again.

-Adrienne Dicembri
Professional Company/Organization

Chris and Amy Hotaling, founders of Aspire Place and authors of Learning to Live Again, have made it their life mission to motivate and guide others who are facing major life adjustments.

Learning to Live Again
By: Chris & Amy Hotaing with Mark Leeds
A Miracle of Love
Songs Performed by Amy Hotaling.