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In-Person Coaching and Consultation Sessions
ASPIRE PLACE In-Person Coaching and Consultation sessions are available for individuals, couples and family members. In-Person sessions provide the opportunity to establish a  direct personal connection. Meeting with a helping professional face to face can often times make a positive difference for those who are more comfortable with this traditional helping approach.   
In-Person coaching and consultation sessions are designed to meet Your needs. Our Coaches and Consultants will arrange to meet at your home, in a public setting that is a suitable environment to engage in a coaching or consultation session, or at an office space if requested.
ASPIRE PLACE is continually pursuing opportunities to satisfy the requests of our clients. We are actively recruiting individualswho have both professional expertise and personal experience working through life adjustment challenges to join our team.Contact us today to find out if we have a Personal Life Adjustment Coach in your geographic area who can accommodate your preference for In-Person Coaching and Consultation!