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Are you looking for a Motivational Speaker for an upcoming conference or public event that inspires audiences by sharing their own personal journey of self-discovery after experiencing a significant life changing event?

Your attendees are sure to be moved and inspired by our passionate and dynamic experienced speakers.  Our Motivational Speakers promote that although significant life changing events are Life Altering, they are not Life Ending. They share their personal perspective that “it is not the catastrophic event that defines who you are, but rather, how you respond to the event that dictates who you become.” –  cwh, 2011

If you are looking for a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Presenter for a professional conference, ASPIRE PLACE welcomes the opportunity to fulfill your expectations. Our public speaking professionals blend their personal experiences successfully navigating through their own significant life adjustment challenges with their professional experience working as counselors, social workers, ministers, and other related fields. This unique combination is sure to educate, motivate, and inspire their audience.

Contact ASPIRE PLACE today to discuss how we can help make your upcoming conference or convention a memorable experience!